Open Daily from sunrise to dusk

The Friendswood Fairy Trail is an enchanting nature-based educational activity. The Fairy Trail starts with a whimsical cedar wood child size door that has nature and fairy images carved throughout. The entry is also wheelchair accessible. In addition, next to the child entry there is also a tiny fairy entrance. From there, children have access to a mobile map (perfect for tiny fingers) with an approximate location of the hidden houses and links to the names and backgrounds of each FairyTrail Resident.

The Fairies and Trolls are hidden throughout the shady walking trail in Friendswood’s Stevenson Park. It is a whimsical treasure hunt to find them. The custom built homes are hidden/built in trees or not so obvious places. Each of the homes has a door and when opened the children view the featured fairy or troll. Since conservancy of nature and trees is a top-priority for the Fairy Trail a Certified Arborist installed the homes safely without damage to the trees or environment.

The characters are all very diverse in looks and abilities, but they all work together to create a community. (Wendy our Friendly Fairy is in a wheelchair and has a mini-ramp leading to her home). Each Fairy Trail resident highlights natural themes to care for the environment and each other, such as : recycling, volunteerism, community, healthy eating, waste prevention, native plants and wildlife, financial education, and litter prevention. The trail is approximately one mile, so it is perfect for little feet.

A recent survey conducted revealed that when educational lessons are taken outdoors, children are more engaged in learning (88%), are better able to concentrate (68%), and are better behaved (65%). Kids innate desire for adventure and exploration will be fulfilled in this educational and enjoyable trail!

There is no cost to access the Trail and is open during Stevenson Park Hours. The trail is brought to you by Keep Friendswood Beautiful and was fully sponsored by Keep Texas Beautiful’s Green Bag Grant program and H-E-B Tournament of Champions Grants.

We hope you enjoy!

Watch this enchanting video to learn more about the Friendswood Fairytrail from KFB Chairman of the Board Natasha McAdoo and FairyTrail Chair Shawn Potter!