Gertrude- The Animal Fairy

Gertrude is a sweet garden fairy who lives in Stevenson Park with her lucky, black cat, “Clover.” She protects animals and insects that live and travel through the park. Gertrude and Clover dislike loud noises but love helping others. On clear, moon-lit nights, Gertrude hums and Clover purrs softly while they work in the KFB Pollinator Garden together. They pull weeds and trim plants so the garden can provide nectar and berries to feed butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and birds. Squirrels sometimes join them, hiding acorns to eat in winter. For fun Gertrude and Clover like to travel about the park on the backs of their Mockingbird friends. Gertrude and Clover eat oranges, lemons, and limes from the citrus trees in the park just like the butterflies do!